HRWG at a Glance

The Indonesia’s NGO Coalition for International Human Rights Advocacy (HRWG) was established by a the majority of NGOs working in different issues but share interest in human rights to serve the need for elaborate advocacy works already in place with the aim of maximizing the goals and putting more pressures on the Indonesian government to execute its international and constitutional obligations to protecting, fulfilling, respecting and promoting human rights in the country.


State administrators to better fulfill their constitutional and international obligations to promoting, fulfilling and protecting human rights in Indonesia.


To increase effectiveness of human rights advocacy works in Indonesia in particular and in international world in general with the intention that encouraging the state c/q the Government of Indonesia to carry out its international and constitutional obligation to promoting, fulfilling and protecting human rights by making the following attempts:

  • Building collaboration with human rights advocacy workers and those who are supporting it at local, national and international levels.
  • Building coordination among human rights advocacy workers in order to maximize the impact, particularly at the international level.
  • Increasing the capacity of the working group participants and other human rights advocacy workers at international level.
  • Increasing effectiveness of control on the state’s fulfillment of its obligations to enforcing and promoting human rights.

 Networking Principles and Values

  • The Coalition upholds the human rights values assured in all UN documents on human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its covenants and conventions.
  • The Coalition administers and manages the organization and programs based on the following principles:
  • The Working Group focusing on human rights advocacy with respect to attempted advocacy works for the right to self-determination in peace, pursuant to the 5 points of Vienna Declaration 1993.
  • The Working Group carries out its advocacy works based on the principles of international justice.
  • The Working Group is an inseparable part of the global movements for human rights.
  • The Working Group’s membership is open in nature in so far as its mission and vision are acknowledged.
  • In case internal conflict between participants appears, the Working Group may dismiss the participants involved for a non-determined period of time until the case settled.
  • The Working Group does not duplicate any work that has been and/or be in progress in the hands of its participants.
  • The Working Group sustains gender justice and equality.
  • The Working Group is accountable to its participants and the public at large.

Structure of the Organisation:

The Highest decision making body of the coalition is the General Assembly of Indonesian Human Rights NGO from local regional to national level. Since the first assembly of the coalition in February 2003 the member of the Coalition has reached a number of 30 and in the strategic planning meeting last June 2003 Kumpulan Bantuan Hukum Bengkulu, Sumatra (KBH) and ORI (Organisasi Rakyat Independen) Sumatra, Justice & Peace Papua Barat and one Jakarta Based Facilitator organization has joined the collation. The Program of the coalition is executed by a Working Group under the auspices of A Board of 7 representatives, elected by the Assembly. 

Board of Representatives

In order to supervise and control the implementation of the Coalition’s program, 5 members of board of representative were elected in the 2nd meeting of the Coalition in June 2003. The membership of the board for this year are the existing leading agencies namely INFID, ELSAM and KPI and 2 additional organization from the region which were elected during the second assembly of the coalition Namely KBH-Bengkulu and Reps from West Papua. Board of representative have a regular quarterly consultation with the Working Group and General Assembly of HRWG in 2012 decided the 7 representatives from the HRWG members sit on the Board Council, namely: JATAM, Migrant Care, SKPKC Papua, RPUK Aceh, YAPPIKA, LBH Jakarta, and Gaya Nusantara. 

Working Group of the Coalition

Since the first assembly of the Coalition 2 members of Working Group were already elected:

  1. Muhammad Hafiz, Acting Executive Director and UN-OIC Advocacy
  2. Daniel Awigra, Manager Program ASEAN
  3. Rafendi Djamin, Senior Advisor for Human Rights
  4. M. Choirul Anam, Senior Advisor for Freedom of Religion
  5. Wahyuningrum, Senior Advisor for ASEAN
  6. Dian Anshar, Advisor for AICHR and ACWC
  7. Astrid Maharani, Program Associate UN-OIC Advocacy
  8. Wike Devi Permatasari, Program Associate ASEAN Advocacy / Secretary